Why Select a Traditional Butcher

As a traditional butcher, Stirling Variety Meats has a completely different approach to producing quality meat products. Unlike many large supermarkets, we do not have our products produced in large facilities that are often located interstate.

As a whole of carcass butcher, we produce the widest range of fresh products in hygienic conditions at our premises. We know and control the ingredients that go into our sausages and other in-store products.

Why select a traditional butcher

We employ butchers and apprentices at our stores. Not just retail staff and automated checkouts.

We see ourselves as highly skilled tradespeople dedicated to producing the best cuts of meats and quality products.

traditional butcher

We have long-term relationships with hundreds of customers and assist them to acquire the best quality produce with advice on how to prepare the meat to be a great meal.

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We have traditional values – customer service, helping our customers to make the right purchases, being part of the community, and ensuring we can do as much as possible to be a sustainable and responsible business.

We are an independent family business, employing local butchers and apprentices. Our owners, Chris and Giselle Pfitzner, have owned the business since 2004 and have served thousands of loyal customers. We are a customer focused business.

A key part of Chris’s role is training and ensuring the continuous development of our team.

At Stirling Variety Meats, we put a lot of pride and passion into everything we do. We work hard to ensure the traditional approach to being local butchers continues so customers have a choice for premium products and cuts of meat. Whilst we respect the past, we work hard to improve our standards and to maintain the values that made a local butcher a respect contributor to the wellbeing of so many communities.

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We would appreciate the opportunity to be your local, traditional butcher.