Rubs and Sauces

Weber Handcrafted Seasonings and Rubs

Well-known BBQ brand Weber has its own range of Rubs and Seasonings for barbecuing, roasting or grilling. The range we stock includes the following flavours:

Seasonings and Rubs

Steak seasoning
Barbecue seasoning
Greek seasoning
Herb seasoning
Pork Low and Slow Rub
Beef Low and Slow Rub
Lamb Low and Slow Rub
All Purpose Low and Slow Rub

Grunds Gourmet Artisan Condiments

Grunds Artisan Condiments were founded in Kimba, South Australia, and are Australian owned manufacturer of a range of quality sauces, rubs, and relishes.

Grunds Gourmet Sauces

Blue Gum Honey BBQ Sauce
Smoker Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Triple Stout BBQ Sauce
Southern Mustard BBQ Sauce
Roast Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce/ Tomato Sauce
Chilli Sauce
XXX Habanero Chilli Sauce
Trinidad Scorpion Hot Sauce

Grunds Gourmet Rubs

Rubbed and Dangerous Spice Rub
Sheep ‘n’ Spice Rub
Pig ‘n’ Chook Spice Rub
Texas Style Dru Rub

Grunds Gourmet Relishes

Caramelised Apple Relish
Green Tomato Relish
Tomato Relish
Chilli Relish

Natural Smoke BBQ Woods

This South Australian company is based in Myponga and provides premium BBQ wood (for smoking), with a broad range of rubs and sauces.

Garlic Goals All Purpose Rub
Honey Soy Slammer Pork and Chicken Rub
Steak Shooter Steak and Beef Rub
Knuckle Duster Rub

Butcher’s Banquet

This range of products is produced by the Master Butcher’s Co=operative, which was founded in South Australia in 1905.

Aussie Mango and Desert Lime – Tropical sprinkle
Greek Yiros Rub
Exotic Grill Rub

Butchers Axe

Woodlands Wild Garlic Seasoning
Bullseye Beef Seasoning
Ranger Big Red Seasoning
Scout Lemon Pepper Seasoning


Smoky Pastures

Game On Seasoning Rub
Sweet Dreams Seasoning Rub
Risk It Seasoning Rub
smokin mango

Smokin’ Mangoes

Rib Glaze Cherry Jalapeno
Rib Glaze Mango Habanero

The Gourmet Entertainer

Nigella Kasundi Relish
Hot and Spicy Harissa