All beef products are produced fresh daily in our premises in Stirling using traditional methods. Our experienced butchers ensure we provide only the best cuts of meat. As whole of carcass butchers we are able to provide a full range of beef products – just ask our friendly staff.

beef steak


The popular cuts:

Aged Rib Eye
Eye Fillet
Rump Steak
Scotch Fillet
Sirloin Steak
T-Bone Steak

beef steak

Beef Specialties

Beef Cheeks
Beef Short Ribs
Beef Stir Fry Strips
Brisket Burgers
Diced Chuck Steak
Fresh Beef Brisket
Gravy Beef
Osso Bucco
Oyster Blade
Premium Beef Mince

beef steak

BBQ Beef Sticks
and Skewers

We have a full range of sticks and skewers made from the highest quality beef, including:

BBQ Beef Sticks
Beef Rissoles
Beef Skewers
Beef Sticks

As Traditional butchers we use the whole carcass and are able to provide the widest range of cuts that are produced in-store, including Round Steak,
Skirt Steak and Topside.