About Us

Giselle and Chris

Our owner, Chris Pfitzner, grew up in the Adelaide Hills and has been in the meat produce business since completing his apprenticeship over 25 years ago.

In 2004 Chris and Giselle took over the ownership of Stirling Variety Meats and today is the Adelaide Hills Premier Butcher shop, and in fact one of the few remaining ‘Traditional Butchers’.

Over this period Chris’s knowledge and skills in butchery have been passed down to the next generation of butchers, many of whom are still with him today.

Today he manages a team of highly skilled butchers in the store, who use their skills and experience to produce the best quality cuts of meats for customers. The whole of carcass approach for beef, lamb and chicken, respects the animal by ensuring all parts and cuts are used. All of our beef, lamb, chicken and pork is free range.

Being a traditional butcher means we are able to produce the widest range of cuts and meats and are not buying in prepacked meats like many convenience butchers and Supermarkets. As we produce many items in-store we know the ingredients used and produce a range of items that are glutton free, dairy free, and allergy free.

Chris passes on the benefits of being environmentally friendly in all they do at Stirling Variety Meats, biodegradable wrappings and respecting animals by minimising waste.

Chris is continually looking at how Stirling Variety Meats can not only meet but exceed his customer’s expectations when it comes to product quality, freshness, taste, and customer service.

Chris has always had the goal of Stirling Variety Meats being trusted and respected as a provider of high quality meats and complementary local products. He is passionate about continuously improving the skills of his team and providing exceptional customer service.


Stirling Variety Meats has its roots in the Adelaide Hills and surrounding communities. We employ and train locals. We support local businesses by supplying their complementary products where possible.